3-Way Silicone Coated Catheter

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  • Manufactured from natural rubber latex.
  • Designed to empty the urinary bladder .
  • Latex silicone coated catheter used for short to medium term drainage.
  • Manufactured from natural rubber latex.
  • Silicone coated – reducing allergic reaction.
  • Smooth tapered tip for easy insertion.
  • Extra lumen for irrigation and/or drug administration.
  • Length: 400mm.
  • Proximal End: two tapered ends and one balloon port with a non-return valve and fitting for a syringe
  • Distal End: closed round tip with a small lateral irrigation eye and two large lateral drainage eyes distal to a 30ml Capacity Balloon
  • Balloon capacity: 10; 15,30cc.
  • Individual Sterile Peel Pack
  • Size: FG 16 – 26 – even numbers. Internationally colour coded.
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  1. Patrick Jula
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    i would like a quote on ypodermic disposable cateters

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